"Molecular and Population Biology of Mosquitoes and Other Disease Vectors"

Organizing Committee:

    • Kitsos Louis, Heraklion (Chair);

for additional info send mail to louis[at]imbb.forth.gr

  • Luna Kamau, Nairobi
  • Barry Beaty, Fort Collins
  • Nora Besansky, South Bend
  • Maureen Coetzee, Johannesburg
  • Frank Collins, South Bend
  • Didier Fontenille, Montpellier
  • Libor Grubhoffer, Ceske Budejovice
  • Janet Hemingway, Liverpool
  • Anthony A. James, Irvine
  • George Christophides, London
  • Pedro Oliveira, Rio de Janeiro
  • Jose Ribeiro, Bethesda
  • Humberto Lanz, Cuernavaca
  • Tom Scott, Davis
  • Bob Sinden, London
  • Ale della Torre, Rome
  • Yeya Toure, Geneva
  • Jake Tu, Blacksburg

This meeting follows the organization of four Workshops on similar topics, held at the Orthodox Academy of Crete in the summers of 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009. The objective of next year's workshop remains the same, i.e. to bring together an international group of scientists to present their findings on genome organisation and expression, population biology and ecology of arthropod disease vectors.

The development of new tools and strategies (e.g. post-genomics, transgenesis, release of GM arthropods, etc.) for the control of disease through the control of parasite transmission and their impact on society will be one of the main issues to be discussed. This meeting is no longer being organized as part of the EMBO Conference Series.

Further details such as deadlines for registration, etc., will be posted on this page later in the year. Please bookmark this page and check regularly for updates.

Note that July is high season for tourism in Crete (and all over Greece). Thus, if accepted, please book your travel as soon as possible. If you plan to spend additional days in Crete, it may be a wiser decision to do so before, rather than after the meeting. We will provide accepted participants in due time with hints and help concerning their travel to/from Crete.