"Molecular and Population Biology of Mosquitoes"

Organizing Committee:

  • Kitsos Louis, Heraklion (Chair)
  • (for additional info send e-mail to louis[at]imbb.forth.gr)
  • Fotis C. Kafatos, Heidelberg (Co-Chair)
  • Barry Beaty, Fort Collins
  • Nora Besansky, South Bend
  • Paul Brey, Paris
  • Maureen Coetzee, Johannesburg
  • Janet Hemingway, Liverpool
  • Didier Fontenille, Montpellier
  • Jules Hoffmann, Strasbourg
  • Anthony A. James, Irvine
  • Frank Collins, South Bend
  • John Law, U. Arizona, Tucson
  • Jose Ribeiro, Bethesda
  • Mario Rodriguez, Cuernavaca
  • Tom Scott, Davis
  • David Severson, South Bend
  • Bob Sinden, London
  • Ale della Torre, Rome
  • Yeya Toure, Geneva

The main theme of the Workshop will be the Molecular and Population Biology of mosquitoes. Its objective is to bring together, for the first time, an international group of scientists to present their findings on genome organisation and expression, population structure and gene flow of mosquitoes and development of new tools (e.g. transgenesis) for the control of disease through the control of the insect vectors.

The workshop will cover a broad area of topics while maintaining a small size in order to foster close interactions between the participants. At this first meeting we expect to accept about 100 people and, as a rule, only one participant will be accepted from any single lab. The meeting will last one week with morning (9:00-1:00 pm) and evening sessions (5:00--9:00 pm). All participants will be required to present a fifteen minute talk on their work, while some exceptions may be made for younger colleagues.

The Organising Committee, by vote, will determine who will be accepted to the workshop since it is possible that applicant numbers will exceed the available number of slots. Every attempt will be made to make sure that the attendance is representative of the mosquito research community world wide. The entire application process will be done electronically.

The deadline for receipt of applications is February 22, 2003. For logistical purposes the organizing committee will adhere strictly to this deadline. Please note that acceptance to the meeting is strictly limited to the individual accepted. A registration fee of 600.00 Euro / US $ must be remitted upon acceptance. Local expenses in Crete will be covered (full board, double room occupancy). Participants are expected to finance their travel to Crete. However, a small number of grants-in-aid for partial travel support may become available, especially for participants from disease-endemic countries. Preference will be given to junior investigators.

Accepted applicants will be notified by March 20, 2003.

Note that August is high season for tourism in Crete (and all over Greece). If accepted, please book your travel as soon as possible. If you plan to spend additional days in Crete, it may be a wiser decision to do so after, rather than before the meeting. We will provide accepted participants in due time with hints concerning their travel to/from Crete.