Anopheles species-vectors for filarial parasites

This list shows the Anopheles-transmitted filarial parasites of man and their vectors in the endemic zones.

The table is updated from M.W. Service (1993) Mosquitoes (Culicidae) in: Medical Insects andA rachnids (R.P. Lane & R.W. Grosskey, eds.) Chapman & Hall, London, pp. 120-240. Abbreviations for subgenera given in parentheses are: A, Anopheles s.str.; C, Cellia; K, Kerteszia; N, Nyssorhynchus. Main (primary) vectors are distinguished from subsidiary (incidental and local) vectors by bold type.

Wuchereria bancrofti: (nocturnal periodic)

Zone 1 *** Tropical America   Anopheles (K.) bellator
  Anopheles (N.) albimanus
  Anopheles (N.) aquasalis
  Anopheles (N.) darlingi
Zone 2 *** Tropical Africa   Anopheles (C.) arabiensis
  Anopheles (C.) funestus
  Anopheles (C.) gambiae
  Anopheles (C.) hancocki
  Anopheles (C.) melas
  Anopheles (C.) merus
  Anopheles (C.) nili
  Anopheles (C.) pauliani
  Anopheles (C.) wellcomei
Zone 4 *** South Asia   Anopheles (A.) barbirostris
  Anopheles (A.) donaldi
  Anopheles (A.) kweiyangensis
  Anopheles (A.) letifer
  Anopheles (A.) nigerrimus
  Anopheles (A.) sinensis
  Anopheles (A.) whartoni
  Anopheles (C.) aconitus
  Anopheles (C.) antrhopophagus
  Anopheles (C.) balabacensis
  Anopheles (C.) dirus
  Anopheles (C.) flavirostris
  Anopheles (C.) jeyporiensis
  Anopheles (C.) leucosphyrus
  Anopheles (C.) maculatus
  Anopheles (C.) minimus
  Anopheles (C.) philippinensis
  Anopheles (C.) subpictus
  Anopheles (C.) tessellatus
  Anopheles (C.) vagus
Zone 6 *** New Guinea   Anopheles (A.) bancroftii
  Anopheles (C.) farauti
  Anopheles (C.) koliensis
  Anopheles (C.) punctulatus