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Klotho Antibody | 223-6107-0.05mg

  • Produced recombinantly (animal-free) for high batch-to-batch consistency and long term security of supply
  • Rabbit monoclonal [EPR6856] to Klotho
  • Suitable for: IHC-P, WB
  • Reacts with: Mouse, Human

When we tested the antibody in human samples, the only form of the protein that we are able to detect is the secreted one (about 65kDa). When we tested the antibody in mouse samples (wt vs KO) we could only detect the membrane bound form of the protein (about 130kDa).

This difference could be due to the nature of the samples (different species). However, we do not have a clear explanation about this. Abcam welcomes customer feedback and would appreciate any comments regarding this product and the data presented here.


Synthetic peptide within Human Klotho aa 400-500. The exact sequence is proprietary.

Positive control

  • Human testis, fetal kidney and fetal thymus lysates; Human clear cell carcinoma kidney tissue, Human kidney tissue.

General notes

This product is a recombinant monoclonal antibody, which offers several advantages including:

  • - High batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility
  • - Improved sensitivity and specificity
  • - Long-term security of supply
  • - Animal-free production
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Additional Information

100 µg
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